GenCon 51 Preview: Lucidity

From the Publisher:

Lucidity: Six-sided Nightmares is a press-your-luck dice collection and manipulation game for 2–4 players. It takes less than a minute to learn and 20–30 minutes to play.

Whenever you close your eyes, you fall into the dream realm: a world of vivid hallucinations and dark monsters. You must use your wits to draw power from the dream realm and break its hold on you, before the monsters can track you down and consume you!

Each turn, you randomly draw a number of dice from a shared bag. This represents the dreams you will encounter this turn. Return two to the bag to represent your chosen path through the dream realm and roll the remainder. After you have suffered the effects of your roll, you must choose whether to rest (and clear your card of one or two dreams) or press on and try your luck on another turn – going deeper and rolling more dice every time you do so.

You win by collecting 15 power symbols on your rolled dice – freeing yourself from the dream world's grasp. But if you collect too many of the wrong symbols, you may find yourself twisted and turned by the monsters, until you too become a dreaded Nightmare. Or something's dinner.

Should you become a Nightmare, your game completely changes. You can still win, but only by consuming the dreams of the remaining Dreamers or sending minions after them to prevent them from becoming more powerful than you. If nobody has escaped by the end of the game, the most powerful Nightmare is the victor.

Without dreams, you cannot win. But without control, you risk becoming that which you fear most.

Or maybe that was your plan all along.

Why I’m Interested in It

This horror title has some nightmarish art, which is the point of the game. It’s meant to scare you, to keep you on your toes as you try to navigate your way out of the dream realm. And with solo play, your journey to escape the hungry monsters will be a lonely one. And that’s scarier than nearly anything, right?

The game is a press your luck style with collecting sets of dice to clear your dream cards. However, it’s possible that you could turn into a Nightmare, meaning you are the one meant to consume, the monster to take away everything from all the Dreamers looking to evade you.

I’ve talked less about technical aspects of the game, I know. It’s the theme that makes me love this game from the description and pictures and videos out there. I’m excited to see this title in person, but I won’t hide the fact that this is one of two games I’m definitely purchasing at GenCon. So, make sure you at least stop by the Renegade Game Studios booth to check it out.

Renegade Game Studios is at booth 2209 in the Exhibit Hall.

Gregory Gregory Author