GenCon 51 Preview: Dual Powers: Revolution 1917

From the publisher: In March of 1917, Tsar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate the throne of Russia. In his place, a conservative Provisional Government formed, representing the official authority of the state. Opposed to the newly formed government stood the Petrograd Soviet, an elected council of workers organized by socialist activists.

Over the following months, an internal struggle for power and influence would dominate the country and spark a social revolution. In this state of dual power, or dvoevlastie, charismatic and powerful leaders would rise with the tide of public dissatisfaction and change the course of Russian politics forever.

Dual Powers had a successful Kickstarter campaign a few months ago, unlocking all the Stretch Goals listed. This area control, politically-themed game uses tokens and cards to influence support for and against a Civil War. Some leaders want it, and some don’t. The game is for 1-2 players.

Why I’m Interested in It

The game focuses on an important time in Russia’s history, and it uses the life and events of real people in Russia’s past to drive the gameplay. The art style fits the theme of the game, with it’s revolutionary-like (maybe even slightly dystopian) colors and sharp lines.

From reading through the Alpha rulebook listed on BoardGameGeek, Dual Powers appears to have an interesting calendar mechanic that is important to obtaining victory points. Plus, there are secret objectives? What game with secret objectives isn’t fun? However, even though the rulebook comes in at only 12 pages, there does look like there’s quite a bit going on for each round. But like most games that appear that way, they aren’t once you get into actual play time.

Most interesting is the Solitaire Variant. Instead of playing an actual opponent, you go against an automated opponent named “The Opposition.” This version will use special Opposing Unit and Difficulty Tracking Tokens that were created for this solo variant. That bodes well for the complexity and replayability of Dual Powers since the creators probably took great care in developing the solo version.

Thunderworks is demoing the game at GenCon. Their location is at 1158.

Gregory Gregory Author