Should You Back It: Tiny Epic Zombies

If the zombie genre in any capacity – movies, TV, books, comics, board games – has made you feel like the market is saturated, then consider retracting that judgement for this Kickstarter. Gamelyn Games currently has a Kickstarter running for Tiny Epic Zombies. You should be somewhat familiar with their games, especially if you’re a solo player. The company has produced several games in the Tiny Epic series like Galaxies, Western, Quest, and more.

Now we’re tasked with surviving a zombie outbreak…in a mall! Basically, survive the flesh-hungry undead as you run from store to store gathering supplies and weapons (tokens designed as their ITEMeeples collection.) Besides surviving, you’ll need to complete different objectives to win a game session. If the zombies overrun the shopping center, guess what: You. Die.

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According to the Kickstarter, the game takes about 30 minutes to play. One to five players can partake in five game modes: Cooperative; Cooperative versus Zombie player; Competitive; Competitive versus Zombie player; and Solo.

The lowest pledge, $8, gets you the print and play files to DIY. After that, the $20 and $25 (Deluxe) pledges get you the core game in some fashion. And if you need more than one game? You certainly have that option.

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Should You Back It?

Y. E. S. Definitely. Why isn’t your wallet out right now? The game looks extremely entertaining and enjoyable, particularly for the solo player. And even though it could be considered just another zombie thing, Gamelyn Games has proven hits with their previous Tiny Epic games. We Roll Solo is confident TEZ will be a hit the first time you get your hands on it. As of right now (with 14 days to go), backers have unlocked over 21 stretch goals, with more being unlocked every day.

Tiny Epic Zombies Kickstarter

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