Gen on Preview: Planetarium

Publisher: Game Salute
Designer: Stephane Vachon
Artists: Dann May, Greg May

Matter swirls around a new born star, coalescing on the planetoids that orbit it. Planets evolve, grow and migrate in their orbits, forming a unique solar system by the end of every game. Planetarium is a game of creation, chaos and terraforming on the grandest scale.

Why I Want to Check It Out:

As a big fan of space games, I believe Planetarium offers a unique, literal world-building mechanic that fits great competitive play, but offers a fun game for the solo player. It sounds a blast (pun intended) to crash different space elements into planets or find various methods to evolve a planet. There also appears to be endless replay value as the randomness of the Evolution cards and players’ endgame goals make it that way.

The game theme is built around real science, which is appealing, and was headed by a NASA scientist who works on the search for life on Mars. The cards have all kinds of realistic space events like meteors and geological events, so you might even learn a few things about our universe! The board and cards have gorgeous artwork on them: it’s minimalist with an eye on modernism.

While not much is out there on solo play, Planetarium is a game to look out for at GenCon, especially if you like cerebral space board games.

-Gregory M. Thompson

Gregory Gregory Author