Gen Con Preview: Witches of the Revolution

The colonies of the Americas were a haven for the persecuted. But now there’s a war for independence, and those who would have freedom must fight for it.

Publisher: Atlas Games
Designer: Craig Stockwell
Artist: James Mosingo, Alan Washburn

Why I’m Excited to Check It Out

The theme of Witches of the Revolution is intriguing. You play as a witch coven assisting a nation attain independence from a very oppressive tyranny. To obtain this freedom during the American Revolution, you have four objectives to complete using relics and allies while dealing with special events meant to hinder your progress before the time runs out.

The mechanics have a Legendary Encounters feel them, but mostly when it comes to the Event cards. They shift along a path where you must take care of them or risk losing the game. Witches of the Revolution is a deck-builder at heart, but unlike most others, this game makes decisions cost more as you do them. For example, each time you want to shuffle your deck, it costs more icons to complete an event. As Jeff Tidbal of Atlas Games said in a recent video about Witches of the Revolution, “Shuffling is bad!”  

The game seems to have a powerful solo element, and the game scales in difficulty depending on how many players there are. With a historical element combined with supernatural, Witches of the Revolution is a unique-looking game sure to catch eyes at GenCon.

-Gregory M. Thompson

Gregory Gregory Author