Gen Con Preview: Fantasy Fantasy Baseball

Publisher: CSE Games
Players: 1-5
Game Type: Action / Movement Programming, Card Drafting

In Fantasy Fantasy Baseball, you are the Wizard manager of a baseball team of fantasy creatures going through a season of fantasy baseball. Go head-to-head against other Wizard managers and battle for wins while building up your team’s statistics. But beware, your players may be sent on missions or have spells cast on them.

Why I want to check it out:
I'm a sports guy, but the Fantasy genre is a tough sell for me. However this game looks really unique. From what I have seen, thanks to a review by Sam Healey at DT, this one could be a good deal of fun. Now that being said, he only showed off how to play it with 2 players, so the solo mode could be different. The basic concept though is to decide what players on your team will play where, and use the same basic crew for all three rounds. I saw same basic crew because there is a waiver wire element to the game where you can add new players and remove ones you don't want. So what you are doing is placing you players where they benefit you the most, but also hopefully their stats will beat out your opponents, for you to take the win. You need to try to memorize what players your opponents have as well, because in later rounds they will show back up, so maybe placing player A in a spot again won't work if you are predicting your opponent will place a character you know could be him. In solo mode you play a robot manager and the deck, with a determined set of rules to be played out. As with the game against humans, your goal is to get the most victory points after 3 rounds of play. I like the sports aspect (I hope they get solo rules in play for their football version), and of course I like them card games. It seems simple enough to pick up and play in about 30 minutes, but does look like it will need some descent table space to play. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person at the show.

- Decapitated Dan
Dan Royer Dan Royer Author