Gen Con Preview: Covil: The Dark Overlords

Publisher:  Arrakis Games
Players: 1-4
Game Type:  Action Point Allowance, Area Control / Area Influence

You are the dark Overlord, and the ritual is complete. At your command, the Covil rises. A living and breathing fortress now profaned by the greed crystals. Inside its dungeons lies the gate to the dark lands where countless hordes of chaotic beings were enslaved for so long. This time you will have your revenge.

Why I want to check it out:
First and foremost I want to check this game out because of the fun artwork. I think it looks fantastic and silly. Second though is the strategy aspect that this game appears to present. I like how it makes you think ahead to future turns, as your horde gets tired when preforming actions. Who should I add to my team? Should I go after open territory or fight over another? How can I use this turn to gain more victory points on the next one? There seems to be a good bit of depth present here, and I think looking at the board, or maybe the artwork, you wouldn't initially expect that. Of course have the solo mode is a big plus. Being able to play against the system, upping the difficulty with their starting placement, or adding in more AI players is a plus. The replay-ability seems to be present, but I wonder how it plays out. Looking forward to seeing a demo of the solo play, and possibly adding this one into my collection.

- Decapitated Dan
Dan Royer Dan Royer Author