Review: Snappy Dressers

Publisher: Mattel
Players: 1-10
Game Type: Card, Pattern recognition
Playing Time: about 5-20 minutes

Don’t laugh, but I accidentally encountered Snappy Dressers while perusing other board games at Target. Let me set the scene. While sauntering through the board game wall that had many great games on sale, I made it to the card and compact games section. It’s the same at every Target: the bottom half contains things like travel games and games stored in tins, and the top half are card games like Uno and Skip-Bo. But something different struck me about this section. Apparently, Target had changed over a few things and received some new games. And in the top left corner hung this boxed card game with cute art. It was called Snappy Dressers, and was on sale for $2.49 (regular price $2.99). And when I looked at how many players it stated, the box read “1-10”. This was a no-brainer: I threw it in the cart, hoping that my $2.49 wouldn’t escape down the drain once I played it.


Snappy Dressers is a deck of cards with peppy animals dressed in fashionable clothing and carrying some kind of item like a gift or guitar. The core mechanic of the game is that each card matches all the other cards in ONLY one way. It could be the hat, scarf, glasses, shirt, pants shoes, the item their holding, and also could mean the color of any of the clothes or items.

In the box is a fold-out rulebook that contains 10 games for any size group of players up to 10. There’s even a game for solo players! The games involve time limits, races against opponents, and typical puzzle solving. Now what’s nice about any of the games is you can modify them or even combine them; the deck is versatile enough to do so.


The solo game is quite simple to learn and understand, but difficult. After shuffling the cards, draw the first one and place it on the table: this is the middle card you’ll build the grid from.  Your goal is to create a 3 by 3 grid where you have the one matching clothing or item in each row, column, and diagonal. For example, in the first row you could have matching colored hats while in the first column you match the card where the animals are holding a gift.

Start of the solo play grid

 If you want to play the solo game casually (like I do), play with no time limit and allow yourself to reshuffle the draw deck as many times as you want. Or for a tougher challenge, set a timer or beat your best time. How hard, easy, or casual you want to make the game is up to you.


I was surprised by this game. Both the multiplayer and the solo game is very fun, especially if you enjoy puzzle-like games and problem-solving under pressure. The art is somewhere between elegant and campy or even a combination of both, and I mean either as compliments. While the characters resemble animal hipsters, they are neat to look at. The price is nice and Snappy Dressers is good addition to family game night or, for the single player, something to quickly pass the time or a fast filler between longer games.


4.0 out of 5 We Roll Solos

  • Cheap!
  • Easy to learn
  • Fast games
  • Very portable
  • Variety of ways to play


  • Instructions not very clear on some games (but they make it easy to modify them)
  • May be difficult to find players for the games that need big groups

Gregory Gregory Author

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