Review: Journey Into Nyx - Defeat a God Challenge Deck

Designer: Ethan Fleischer
Year: 2014
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Players: 1+
Game Type: Deck Building

Your Hero's Path has led you here. The Planeswalker Xenagos has boldly claimed a place in the Pantheon of Theros. Heliod demands a champion to strike down the insolent deity. Are you powerful enough to defeat a god and his throngs of fervent worshippers? Take up your hero's blade and meet your ultimate destiny!

Setup is simple is you already have a pre-constructed deck to play with. All you need to do is layout the instruction mat, grab the 3 starting enemy cards and then shuffle the two decks (yours and the enemies.)
Nice simple setup. Just grab the 3 starting cards and shuffle the decks.

The MTG Challenge Decks are nice and straightforward. You play your turns as you normally would a game of MTG. If you are new to MTG, you will Untap any tapped cards from your previous turn, draw a card, play a land from your hand if you have one, then cast any cards you can pay for. Move into combat followed by cleanup. Then play shifts over to Xenagos. On the God's turn, you will reveal the top 2 cards of his deck and cast them. Enemies will go into play, and spells will take effect in the order drawn. Be prepared to be attacked... A LOT, you only start with 20 life (MTG standard).

Example of playing the game.

Taken from MTG Site: Follow the rules as printed on the playmat for Xenagos's deck. All players facing Xenagos and his revelers have a shared life total of 20 life. For each additional player in the game, the Xenagos deck starts with one additional Rollicking Throng on the battlefield.

What comes in the box.

Long story super short here. I live in a small town, nowhere to go play MTG against others. I played the app and really like it. So I bought tons of Magic cards, sat on them for 2 years built a great green deck and only played once. So I sold the bulk, keeping my green deck, and then I found this Challenge Deck. This was heaven to me, to finally be able to play MTG. I love how strong this deck is too. It comes out and whips you until you can get what you need into play. It's a great way to test your deck as well. Build what you think you need and see how you can do against the system. To me it's a strong recommendation, but I also know that if this is where you want to start playing Magic, you'll need to get more than just the Challenge Deck. You will need to get a starting deck as well to play against it. Then you could fall into the Magic trap of getting singles and packs and then lots, to build up what you want to take on the game. So in a way, for a new solo player it might be better to get the app, but for someone who has a deck and can't make it to matches it's a nice filler.

4.0 out of 5 Solo's

* Love that I can play MTG solo
* Strong A.I.
* Good replay value
* Great way to test your deck

* Not great for someone new to MTG
* Only 3 Challenge Decks exist (Need more!)
* Magic can be expensive in the long run

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