Solo Gaming News: Dwarven Weeaboos

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Product Name: Dwarven Weeaboos
MSRP: $20.00
Street Date: August 1, 2017
Number of Players: 1-5
Playing Time: 15-20 minutes
Recommended Ages: 13 and up
Game Description:
Dwarven Weeaboos is a 100 card set collection card game for 1-5 players. Gameplay is quick, exciting and highly sarcastic. Its filled with nerd culture jokes and references guaranteed to get a laugh at the table!

Build sets of collectibles and collect waifu parts as your collections grow. Use waifu parts as a team to build the perfect waifu (or husbano / it?). Once the waifu is complete the game ends and enters scoring. Depending on which parts make up the waifu, sets will score differently. The waifu will marry the player with the highest score! 

Dan Royer Dan Royer Author