Should You Back It: The Island of Doctor Necreaux

With a classic, James Bond-ish storyline, The Island of Doctor Necreaux is a 1-4 player cooperative adventure game with a pulp look and feel. Doctor Necreaux has kidnapped all of the world's foremost scientists and forced them to design a Doomsday device. You'll explore the island in search of the scientists and a way to escape before Doctor Necreaux ends the world! But beware of traps, monsters, and events that will hinder your progress.

This Kickstarter is to print a second edition of the game based on feedback after publishing the original. Besides incorporating that feedback from players, the creator is using new art and states the second edition is "specifically designed to support solo play."

Some neat features of the game and this Kickstarter:

  • No down time waiting for others to take a turn. All decisions and made at once by the entire group.
  • Lots of replay value. Besides the multiple variants and difficulty options, the initial agent skills and island cards are card-based so each game will be different.
  • A sequel is in the works and both versions will be interchangeable with each other.
Should You Back It?

Yes. Solo games on Kickstarter are somewhat rare. For some reason, I've found many solo variants are part of a stretch goal. With The Island of Doctor Necreaux you're getting solo play right from the box. With pulp-ish art, a fun, campy storyline, and nearly unlimited replay, this game is sure to hit the right notes with many solo boardgamers. To get the physical game is $40, but for $15 you can pledge to get the print-n-play PDF if you think you'd be satisfied with that. I recommend going for the physical game. As of this writing, the campaign is 76% funded with about 2 weeks to go.

Gregory Gregory Author