Lets Make it Solo: Star Realms - Blob vs. The System

This Variant was Created by Decapitated Dan

Destroy the Blob Faction before they take over the System. Can you purchase what you need to take them out in time? They have some heavy hitters and adding in the Base Attacks can wipe you out fast! Good luck!

• Medium
Separate the Blob Faction from the rest of the cards. The separate into a base pile and ship deck.
• Remove all Blob cards from the deck. Separate out the 5 bases, and then shuffle all their ships. Place face down for their draw pile.

• Place Blob bases into face up pile in this order from top to bottom:
Blob Wheel, Blob Wheel, Blob Wheel, The Hive, Blob World (bottom)

• Take 2 explorer, 4 scout, 4 viper and shuffle for your starting deck.

• Shuffle rest of deck for you to purchase from as normal. Place 5 face up in the trade row.

• Start with 50 Authority

• Draw your first five cards and you are ready to play.

Player starting deck.

• You will go first

• Play your hands as normal, purchase and attempt to attack. You will go through 2 hands being attacked before your purchased cards can help you, unless you discard your explorers.

• On Blob's turn, turn over top card in their deck. The card will attack you with the attack of the showing Blob Base. You will NOT use the Ally Abilities for the Blob. So just use the Primary Ability for each ship, and follow any text with it. You basically have 3 possible safer rounds when the Trade Pods are drawn, BUT you will still take the hit from the Blob Base. After hit is taken, discard the Blob Ship.

• You need to wipe out the Blob Bases to win. So you need to have 5 attack draws of 5,5,5,5 and 7.

Starting setup for the game.

My Initial Results:
I beat the Blob on 2/3 tries.
Dan Royer Dan Royer Author


  1. I got 3 wins out of 4. It's a bit easy.
    What to do with events (from the expansions?)

  2. The Blob on is on the easier side. I don't own any expansions, I only have the core, so I don't have an answer to that one. Sorry.