Welcome To We Roll Solo!

Welcome to We Roll Solo! 

A website all about Solo Board Gaming.

Our Goal with this site is to help spread the word on Solo Board gaming through news, reviews, and videos. Anything we come across we will share!

We plan to post at least 3 new articles each week. On Sunday, we will recap the past week’s news. This includes news from companies, information on Kickstarters to check out, and new games you can preorder.
Tuesdays will have a new game review you can play solo out of the box, or through a variant that has been fan-created to allow solo play. Coverage isn’t limited to games by companies; we have played many, decent print and play games to share with you.

On Thursday, you will see a video we found on YouTube we felt important or interesting. These videos will cover everything from setup to gameplay, and we are digging through the past to possibly bring to light a game you may have missed.

If you look at the right side of the page (or scroll down to the bottom if you are on a mobile device) you will find helpful links to Kickstarter projects, open pre-orders, and the AMAZING Solo Boardgamers group on Facebook. WARNING: If you join the group, hang on to your wallet!

We hope you come back and look at what we are up to and help us get the word out on how great Solo Boardgaming is.

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