Should You Back It: HEXPLORE IT: The Valley of the Dead King

In what seems like an ambitious attempt to combine a board game with video game, MMORPG elements, comes Hexplore It: The Valley of the Dead King (Hexplore It is an upcoming series type). It’s a hero-building adventure with a modular board, which means there are thousands of combinations of lands to explore. Combined with the dozens of combinations of your hero (you’ll choose your race and function), you have a deep fantasy board game with nearly unlimited replay.

The core story involves you combing the land earning power-ups from quests and fighting different types of enemies. You can visit cities, shrines, and ruins; but remember, the final boss (the Dead King) also moves around the board. The goal is to level up your character(s) with enough power to stop the Dead King.

Some neat features of the game and this particular Kickstarter:
  •       Dry-Erase playmats for your character.
  •       Multiple modes of play (Normal, Double Up, Marathon, One vs. All, Solo, Multiple Heroes).
  •       Interesting stretch goals that included more possibilities for characters.
  •       Varied set of character types. 


Maybe. Fantasy-themed games must be your thing. For the price ($59 for physical copy) it seems like you’re getting a lot of gameplay. If you want a sure thing, then back this Kickstarter as it’s already funded and the climb to keep adding stretch goals is in effect (as of this writing 3 have already been unlocked). One reason to back this is if you love fantasy board games and need something solo to play. The list of expansive, fantasy-themed games with 1-player options is short, and while The Valley of the Dead King offers a standard-like story, the replayability for single or multiplayer is almost infinite. There’s just over 20 days left so if you’re ready to battle the Dead King, head over to: HEXplore It: The Valley of the Dead King

Gregory Gregory Author