Review: Grimslingers

Designer: Stephen Gibson
Year: 2015
Publisher: Greenbrier Games
Players: 1-6
Game Type: Co-operative, Deck Building

In a land beyond God’s reckonin’ is a place called the Forgotten West. A cursed land of sorts in the American frontier, housing the damned, the mysterious, the unfortunate. You ended up there, God knows why, and you sure ain’t leavin’ anytime soon. The Iron Witch, a downright mysterious bein’, has turned you into a Grimslinger, a powerful witch imbued with metal, machine and fancy elemental powers. Now yer maker’s requirin’ all his newly sired to duel each other so that he can make y’all into witches proper for his own purposes.

What comes in the box, well almost all of it.
An average setup time is roughly 15-20 minutes. You need to get everything sorted, there are some mini decks to divide up, your deck, and then setting up the play area. 

Grimslingers is a nice dual play game. There is a Duel mode and a Campaign/Story mode. The Duel mode comes across as a nice light card filler game. It has the feel of Rock - Paper - Scissors. It's not too complicated to learn, but you do need to learn it to take on the real meat of this game, Campaign/Story mode.

Setup for Campaign/Story mode.
Campaign/Story mode is where this game returns your purchase investment and pays you back ten-fold. I'm not even going to try and explain the story, because I don't want to spoil anything. To simplify it, you have 22 pages with tons of possible choose your own adventure style outcomes, all based on where you want to travel on the map. You have a specific location to try and reach, but you choose how you want to get there. Maybe you want to see what is happening in a certain city, or maybe you just want to take on a Jackalope and whoop it's butt. It's all up  to you.

So in this mode you are taking on what is in your way, and based on the number of people playing your enemies require double the hit points, so it scales really well. And the whole time you are staring at those damn cards you want in your hand, hoping that defeating this creature will let you get them.

So to play this mode you will take your character, attach your life card under it. Choose you Anima (robot magic helper) attach your magic level under it, and then choose your personal Archetype Modifier and place your level under it. So as you progress, you will use magic, you will take hits and you will level up. OMG now it's an RPG Co-Op Deck Building Choose Your Own Adventure! It's got it all!

I have got to mention the characters you get to choose from. You could be a cool human who looks all bad ass... pass. You could be a woman with a bear for a side kick... interesting. OR YOU COULD BE A MOTHER F#*$*^! CAT WITH A GUN, OR DOG WITH A SWORD! WHAT!? (I need to throw mention to the fact that if the Kickstarter for the expansion hits a stretch goal a Chicken and Red Panda will be added.) I can be a cat with a gun! PUSS AND SHOOTS! That would have sold me personally on it anyway, take my damn money!

Last thing to mention is the artwork. This game is beautiful. Sometimes you can get a game where half the artwork is solid (Legendary Encounters: Alien), or a game where the game is great, but the art is just so-so. But I'm sitting here spending a half hour just looking at the damn cards. Sell me some posters or an artbook already!

I've already thrown mention to how the Campaign/Story mode plays. It scales down perfectly for solo play. And to be honest, I don't need no damn friends trying to talk me into going over Jezebel Bridge when I want to head to the Pit of Pain. I'm choosing my adventure damn it. Which makes me think that even as a Co-Op you could go in different directions and meet up at the Brothel later.
Campaign/Story Mode player starting setup.
So when playing solo taking on the first chapter (of four), I had 6 objectives to accomplish. It took me roughly 90 minutes, and was nothing put pure fun. I still have 3 story chapters to try and beat, not to mention if I play again from the start, I can go in different directions. The replay-ability is through the roof. For a $25 game I'm getting a $100+ game.

Winner winner chicken dinner! This game has everything I could ever want in a game. It looks amazing. It's fun as hell. I've have yet to say "no, I'd rather play something else." I would love to see more Creature Modifier cards added to it though. To try and explain this, when you duel a bad guy, you take their 3 card deck and add 3 Creature Modifier cards to it, making up their deck, which I think is too small. If you have to re-shuffle it, you already know what is coming, but not the order obviously (unless you shuffle upside down and stare at the cards as you do so, weirdo.) Too much stuff to do here, and I can not speak highly enough of this game. 

4.75 out of 5 Solo's

* Content, Content, Content!
* Beautiful artwork
* I can be a god damn cat with a gun!
* Replay-ability is high

* Not enough creature modifiers when dueling the bad guys
* The paper for the cards makes them stick together some. Not the easiest things to shuffle.

Game Soundtrack Sponsored by Metal Blade Records: 

Ravencult - "Force of Profanation"

Dan Royer Dan Royer Author


  1. Awesome review, thank you!

    One correction, you talk about creature modifiers, but what you really mean is you want more creature skill cards. I think anyway, haha.