Lets Make it Solo: Road Kill Rally

This Variant was Created by Decapitated Dan

See how many turns it takes to finish the track & score points along the way.

• Remove all the green shield style upgrade cards. You won't be getting attacked so you do not need them.

• Separate and shuffle the Red and Yellow upgrade cards into piles. Draw 2 of each. Attach one of each to your dashboard, discard the 2 not chosen.

• Place the track in the order in picture: The Start, The Burbs, Protestor Barricade, Forest Fire, Picking Flowers, Boy Scout Camp, Euthanasia Day, The Pits, Death Cult, The Shortcut, The Jump. Elementary School, Stop'n'Shop, Road Accident, Rock Slide, Main Street, Cow Hazard, Why Did the Chicken, Shooting Fish in a Barrel and Finish Line.

• Shuffle all the rally cards. And draw 3 into your hand. MAX LIMIT OF 3 FOR SOLO PLAY. 80% of them are used for Ammo ONLY. Grenades and other close range weapons will be used for what they say (you will only have a max range of 1)

• Place pedestrians on all of their spots, on the road tiles.

• Place your car in either starting spot 1 or 2.

• Set aside all of the 10 point shot bonus cards. These will be your turn trackers.

• Set your speed to 100 and you are ready to go.


• Adjust your speed as normal, 1 up or 2 down.

• Changing lanes still requires a crash check.

• You can either run people over, or attempt to kill them with weapons as you go, but your range is limited to only 1 space. If you miss, you miss and move on.

• Wiping out will still end your turn, and drop you to 1.

• Make sure that at the start of each turn you add one 10 point token to a new pile so you can keep track of your turns.

• You can still skip a turn to do a pit stop, or play a pit stop Rally Card. You will also have the pitstop tile in play on the track. When you do a pitstop, draw 1 card from the red deck, and 1 card from the yellow deck. Decide if you want to make a change, then advance to next turn.

• Road tile effects are still in play. Just use them for being the 1st person into the tile. On the Death Cult road tile ONLY 2 people are free, the others you need to try and kill.

My Initial Results:
I scored a total of 490 points, had 5 wipeouts (getting me a -100) and finished this track in 23 turns.

So now I am trying to better my score, but I also challenge you to do better. New track layouts and score coming soon!

Dan Royer Dan Royer Author