Exclusive: Grimslingers: Northern Territory Interview

We had a chance to talk to Grimslingers creator Stephen S Gibson about his current Kickstarter Campaign for Grimslingers: The Northern Territory. Check it out!

Decapitated Dan: Hey Stephen thanks for taking time to talk with me about Grimslingers. First of all lets talk about you. Who are you and what do you do?

Stephen S Gibson: I am me, and I do me. Actually I'm a 3D Animation, Art and Design grad, who tried to make his own app, failed, made it into a card game and succeeded. My day job is being Greenbrier Games' Art Director and full time illustrator. I've got 2 kids, a wife, a dog and terrible eyesight from years of staring at a computer screen.

DD: Let's talk Grimslingers. What is it all about?

SG: Here's the pitch: You're a cowboy stuck in a weird paranormal part of the American frontier. A robot has given you special powers. That robot then sends you out to hunt down a magical T-rex. Chaos and glory ensue, legends are made.

DD: Where did this idea come from?

SG: Basically, I just took all the things I love and mashed them together. Robots, dinosaurs, magic, cowboys, anything paranormal. The game is like, a love letter to all my favorite things!

DD: For someone new to Grimslingers, what kind of game is it?

SG: Grimslingers is two games really. A versus game, where you battle your friends. It's very strategic and has the right amount of luck and deduction as well. The solo/co-op mode is basically an rpg-lite. Even more so with the new expansion. You'll play through a quirky, seriously epic, campaign. You'll battle strange creatures, collect loot, gain levels and uncover the mysterious that abound in the land.

DD: Since this is We Roll Solo, what kind of Solitaire play does the game offer?

SG: If you're going to go at it solo, your only option is to play the co-op campaign. There are 4 chapters, each lasts about 40-60 minutes. The expansion expounds GREATLY on this however, giving you way more solo content and story to work through. The game is definitely solo friendly.

DD: So for Grimslingers: The Northern Territory, what is new in the Kickstarter?

SG: Man, too much to say here, check out the Kickstarter! But I will say this...Better rules, way more areas to explore, a crazy new campaign, a completely overhauled progression system that'll keep you busy for awhile, new legendary items to find, procedural generated areas...and more!

DD: Can people who don't have the core version grab a copy still?

SG: Yep! You can get it retail or from the new Kickstarter.

DD: What made you create a playable cat character, because it is an amazing option?

SG: All of the Grimslingers in the game were designed by my "legendary" backers. I worked with them to create memorable characters. Some of the backers were more flexible than others with what they wanted. The guy who ended up letting me make Nyunyo originally just wanted me to do his girlfriend as a Grimslinger. I convinced him to let me do his pet cat, and then I created a backstory for him.

DD: How did you find yourself getting into making games?

SG: Games are fun. I've been making my own for awhile as a hobby, and then I decided maybe I could convince people to buy my games. Turns out I can!

DD: What kind of board games do you prefer to play?

SG: Ack, everyone asks this question. I actually don't play board games. YES, GET YOUR PITCHFORKS OUT! I like making them far more than playing them. Just don't tell anyone, ok?

DD: What is your favorite solo board game?

SG: Right now, my own, but that's because I've never played any other board game solo. This is the part of the interview where you boycott me, right?

DD: So let's recap. Why should the readers go check out Grimslingers: The Northern Territory and back it?

SG: Grimslingers offers two games for an incredibly reasonable price. It offers a unique dueling experience and a hard to forget solo/co-op campaign. I mean, who's going to forget riding on a llama through a thunderstorm that is literally trying to kill you while on your way to fight a shapeshifting wizard?

DD: Thanks so much for your time, and good luck with the campaign!

Dan Royer Dan Royer Author